About Us

Punkdemic is an ecommerce apparel line dedicated to a community that believes in bringing people together by breaking down barriers and embracing our differences through fashion. All communities and cultures can agree on one thing: fashion. Everyone, no matter their race, beliefs, or culture, cannot ignore the fact that fashion is the purest form of self-expression.

Shalana Dennis and her partner, recording artist MC Jonny T, recognized the need for an apparel line with a unique blend of cultures and created Punkdemic. Punkdemic is a pandemic baby, so to say. Shalana wanted to create a way to express the frustrations many felt during the pandemic lockdown when music venues were closed and there was no social way for people to connect. Shalana’s vision provides a way for music lovers to bring together their appreciation for many types of music while expressing themselves through these unique apparel pieces. Punkdemic brings together people who may not normally meet using their mutual love of music and fashion.

Punkdemic expertly blends the skateboarder, Punk Rock, and Hip-Hop cultures to dominate this untapped niche consumers have been searching for in other apparel lines. Punkdemic is full of unique designs, vibrant colors and messages that promote inclusivity, acceptance and love while bringing together cultures that have been segregated historically. We are ALL unique in our likes and dislikes. Punkdemic allows consumers to express themselves without being forced into a box or cookie cutter mold.

Punkdemic promises to deliver some of the highest quality and most intriguing and thought-provoking apparel and accessories available in the online apparel market. Punkdemic is a catalyst to help bring the change we all need to see with society. Each piece is covered in a vast variety of quality, unique designs that draw you in. The messages encourage people that love, inclusion, and acceptance are needed to bring us all together. These are the values that drive a growing community in the hopes of making the world better for ALL.

Punkdemic is a community of people working together to make a change.